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Currant - 190g(6.70oz)

$4.90 USD

Currants are usually called simply "currants", except in the U.S., and in many anglophone countries are used in traditional baked goods and puddings.

They have been a key ingredient of British cuisine for centuries, having been imported from the Mediterranean as sweet luxury goods long before cane sugar became widely available in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Alongside raisins and sultanas they feature heavily in a wide variety of traditional baked goods recipes, including fruitcake, currant buns, teacakes. They are also a major ingredient of currant slice (or currant square) and currant cake.

Currants are often sold in mixtures of "mixed dried fruit".

Unlike blackcurrants, Zante currants are not a significant source of vitamin C. The fresh fruit Zante raisins are made from is very small and sweet, with quite an intense flavour for a grape.

Storage Conditions: It should be kept closed in a cool, dry and moisture-free environment. It should be consumed by the recommended consumption date.